No Empathy for MEAN PEOPLE

I saw a bumper sticker once that read MEAN PEOPLE SUCK! I agree wholeheartedly. Psychiatrists like to delve into their past to find out what seed produced their anger and bitterness. Who gives a flying fig what it was? Everybody is not responsible for it, so get over it!

The attitudes of mean people keep them in bondage to sickness and mistreatment. And they make the rest of us just want to stomp the snot out of them.

Mean people get a false sense of superiority and power when they spew their verbal venom about. Unfortunately, there are some people who are moved to commit the ultimate retaliation. Mean people believe that everyone else is misusing them. They are the victim in every situation, in their own minds. They are the staple to everyone else’s success, in their own minds. They are constantly spending (or throwing away money to be accepted or liked by others. Maybe that is why they always feel used. If they are not trying to be accepted, then they are trying to rub everyone else’s noses in their own, sometimes, pseudo-poverty.

If my neighbor and I have the same size (and value) house, but he chooses to drive a Korean import and I choose a British luxury car, does that mean my neighbor is poor? Nine times out of ten, it means my neighbor OWNS his car and perhaps his home, and I just have a bunch of bills.
Mean people don’t have to go out of their way to show meanness. They practice it all of the time. They study evil and incorporate it into their daily living.

There is hope for mean people, though. Although some make it hard to believe, meanness is only their second nature. Their first is kindness, purity, and helpfulness and other good characteristics. Every now and then, one or more of these characteristics surfaces. So, we get brief glimpses of the genuine person. That genuine person is being held back/is in captivity. What a shame!

The next time you encounter a mean person, pity them; then stay away from them so you don’t fall into the pitiful pit with them.