The Oscars: Attend, Don’t Attend

January 23, 2016


Here we go again, “Oscar is too White…” I am not Hollywood-ian, so I do not know first-hand what our Black stars are feeling about the “lack of diversity” in the nominations this year for the Oscar awards. Who made up the award show, anyway? We have Black actors going after Black actors because of their stance on the matter and whether each other should attend the ceremony. All Black people do not, and will not, think alike. What is offensive to some is not offensive to others.

There was a call out to BH who, if they observed the same thing and felt the same way about it as the Smiths, to consider not attending the Oscars; and that was okay. Then there was a call out to BH who, if they did not observe and feel the same way, to do attend the Oscars. Guess what? That was okay, too! But, no; one side started attacking the other’s view and actions. If I don’t see it the way YOU see, does that mean you’re wrong? Does that mean I’m wrong? No, we just have different viewpoints and that’s okay.

Like I said, I am not Hollywood-ian, but I am BLACK. In 2016, it is way past time we stopped giving to non-Black affluences power over how we validate ourselves. The other “people of color” in Hollywood are not all over TV and the Internet about being omitted, possibly because they do not hold that much credence to the Oscar nominations. They have their OWN award ceremonies; just like we do. It seems that the other POC do not waste time and resources trying to force the establishment to be something it is not—FAIR. They did try to be fair over the years, God bless them, but they could not stick to it. Yeah, it’s nice to be included in the back patting, but BH, are you really going to be any more or less professional than you already are? More, because that’s what you do! It boils down to dollars and cents, doesn’t it? Get an Oscar nomination or better yet, a WIN, and that contract get renegotiated with more zeros, right? Listen, even some of your past winners, POC and White, have turned out cinema flops in years following getting that statue. Doesn’t Hollywood stop “knocking” altogether at that point? The zeros reduce to one!

Look; attend, don’t attend; it will not matter because twenty years from now, we will be right back at this same point with a brand new crop of snubbed actors. So, just keep working. That’s the BEST kind of actor. Just keep making GOOD movies and we’ll VALIDATE you at the box offices. We’ll see the bad ones, too…but only once.