I Don’t Want To Spend Eternity Running

I often have the most intellectually-stimulating and thought-provoking conversations with KIDS. One young teen that I work with is so scholarly to the point of eeriness. He said to me that he was somewhat upset with his Sunday school class because he was told that his pet dog would not go to Heaven. Well, being a dog lover…and a Sunday school teacher, I took it upon myself to inquire of Jesus, Himself in prayer about it.

After several days, Jesus gave the words to say. I will share the conversation with you here:

Me:  Lord, I don’t know, I won’t be looking for my dog I had at age 10 when I get to heaven, but if this is important to others in their mustard-seed size faith, what do I say to them? Will there be pets in heaven?

 Jesus:  Well, I made ALL things for myself. I made the dogs, cats, bunnies, canaries…AND I made the spiders, snakes, and flying dinosaurs!

 Me: (Wide-eyed) LORD! I don’t want to spend ETERNITY running from spiders, snakes and flying dinosaurs! Heaven won’t be FUN with all of THAT going on!

 Jesus:  You’ve almost got it!

 Me:  Huh? Well, pets…You know, they Love us unconditionally, and we Love them. We get so much Joy and Peace from our pets. Good feelings.

 Jesus:  You’ve almost GOT IT.

 Me:  Oh Wait! Lord. All that Love, Joy, and Peace…comes from You, doesn’t?! It only come THROUGH our pets, but from You! All of that Love, Calmness, and Joy are waiting in Heaven for us with You! And all the fear conjured up by spiders, snakes and flying dinosaurs won’t be there!

 Jesus:  Um huh.

 Me:  Thank You, Lord.

Then…I knew what to say.



Is it Answered Prayer or Satan Posing?

Is it answered prayer or Satan posing as answered prayer? When we pray for the Father to change a situation and people move out of our lives, is that answered prayer? It could be, but don’t get happy right away. It could also be evil posing as answered prayer. Things are going along just fine, then WHAM! Disaster, catastrophe hits and we have to go back to square one.

Here’s another scenario: Prohibition was a great idea, but only as an idea. Women wanted sober companions and fathers for their children. A major problem with prohibition was the crime rate skyrocketed. Prohibition had to be revoked; back to square one.

Wait out your prayer if the answer is not clear. God will make it plain.

Salvation, Baptism, Teaching

Just completed a baptismal lesson for a longtime, dutiful member of my church. Grew up in the church and just moved from auxiliary to auxiliary. Don’t know how the WHOLE church missed baptizing this one, but we’re glad we can do it now. Found a really good lesson on the web for giving the class. It gives scriptures all over the place saying, first comes salvation, then baptism, then teaching; saved, baptized, taught. Then I read where Jesus says to teach THEN baptize, then teach further. So, what comes first, the hen or the egg? Jesus said it so that should solidify it, right? God said the rest of the Bible, too…so…maybe it IS salvation, baptism, teaching. Hmmm.

Things I DON’T Remember

Chemotherapy treatment has saved my life. It has also robbed me of ability to focus. The things I don’t remember, I don’t worry about anymore. I just think God didn’t intend for me to remember, so I wouldn’t be tempted to DO anything about them. Yep. I’m a “fixer.” If there is anything God doesn’t need, it’s me trying to fix things.