Reading. Love it or Hate it

Reading was never a strong skill for me. It takes more than one re-read for me to understand some things. Often my mind wanders while I am reading something I am suppose to understand and repeat. I’ve learned to read in little chunks, go away, then come back to the article, book, or whatever. To be a good writer, you must be a good reader. Well, at least be somewhat well read. For those of us who are weak readers, but love it, I say persevere and make it fun. Love it or hate it, but do it.


Salvation, Baptism, Teaching

Just completed a baptismal lesson for a longtime, dutiful member of my church. Grew up in the church and just moved from auxiliary to auxiliary. Don’t know how the WHOLE church missed baptizing this one, but we’re glad we can do it now. Found a really good lesson on the web for giving the class. It gives scriptures all over the place saying, first comes salvation, then baptism, then teaching; saved, baptized, taught. Then I read where Jesus says to teach THEN baptize, then teach further. So, what comes first, the hen or the egg? Jesus said it so that should solidify it, right? God said the rest of the Bible, too…so…maybe it IS salvation, baptism, teaching. Hmmm.

Things I DON’T Remember

Chemotherapy treatment has saved my life. It has also robbed me of ability to focus. The things I don’t remember, I don’t worry about anymore. I just think God didn’t intend for me to remember, so I wouldn’t be tempted to DO anything about them. Yep. I’m a “fixer.” If there is anything God doesn’t need, it’s me trying to fix things.